Well I cleaned everything and tumblr is still not letting me do anything.

It’s 3AM now so I’m going to have to go to bed anyways. Maybe it will be working for me later. Sorry everyone. I’ll be back today or tonight.

"Hehe. That's true. Not that I'd mind you foalnapping me at all."

Lulu pulls out her trusty cardboard box and puts it down on the ground, setting a cupcake inside.

Adan says clean cookies and cache.

No is that something I know how to do? *Looks in the Lulu Luck user manual.* Nope. It says I’m computer illiterate…

So why am I sending myself an ask?

Because tumblr doesn’t want to load for me now! I can send and answer asks but that’s it. I can’t make posts. I can’t like or reblog anything. It doesn’t show me if there’s anything in my inbox. I can’t even refresh my page. I have to close it down and open it back up. This is really annoying!

"Oh, yes. I turned myself into a little filly. Hadn't you already seen me like this before?"

"This is the first time. You think if I had seen you like this I wouldn’t have tried to foal nap you and take you home with me by now?" She grinned down at Relena.

"Hey, I haven't been ice for ages. That was like... Well, during the royal wedding. I know I missed that one because I was stuck in ice. When was that again?"

"I can’t remember. Timelines get confusing when you are running around with a time traveler. Which I have been. So how have you been? What have you been up to? Do you look younger or is it just me?"

umm I'm pretty sure you're on the roof

"What? Are you sure? Oh dear I mush have filled this place with magical tricks to mess us up. I don’t remember doing that but it sounds like the kind of thing I would do."

I’m a background pony? What episode was I in?

I’m a background pony? What episode was I in?

New icon!


Not by me, though. It was a gift that I got a while ago ^^

And it’s really cute too!

huh (goes down the side tunnel)

The hoof prints lead up to a wall at the end of the dead end tunnel and then go right up the wall. Lulu was now on the ceiling looking down at him. “How did you get up there?”

(uses his horn to light up the tunnel) The tunnel is pretty long i can't wait to see what's at the end huh Lulu

Lulu is no longer there when the lights come on. He is alone save for some hoof prints leading down a side tunnel.

((Ask limit. Back in a moment.))

Anyone else realize that season 4 of MLP:FIM and the Doctor Who 50th special are coming out on the SAME DAY?!